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Glebe Collegiate Institute

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  • This is the page to introduce yourselves to the other groups/classes in your Learning Circle and post all your challenge contributions. 

  • We ask you to share not only the results, but also a report of the learning process: how you discussed, planned, divided tasks, enjoyed working on the challenges etc. 


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    We ask you to give each school feedback, in each of the 4 phases of this Circle.

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An Introduction of Glebe Collegiate in Ottawa, Canada

Hello Fellow Countries,


We are a grade nine academic, English geography class of twenty-four students from Glebe Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, Canada. Our class is period two in the morning and the age range of the class is ages fourteen to fifteen. During our class we are hardworking and organized students, we socialize and collaborate well with each other and are open-minded to learning to the best of our abilities.   


Our school is a public high school from grades nine to twelve located in the Glebe neighbourhood. Our school is filled with multicultural students, we have about 1600 students in our school. Our school has many many programmes and activities to offer, including, our sports teams, our music programmes like band, choir, and something one of the teachers at our school created called “Off Beat” which is using unusual objects like trash cans and broomsticks to make unique rhythmic sounds. We also have a ton of clubs that are offered at lunch time like “World Action Club” which discusses different world issues and organizes fundraisers to help, “Because I Am A Girl Club” which fights for women’s rights, and “Key Club” which contributes to community service activities. Our school is a great place to be because there are so many opportunities for success and fun learning experiences.


The City of Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is home to the prime minister, Justin Trudeau.  Ottawa is also famous for poutine which is a delicious assortment of fries, gravy and melted cheese, and also the beavertail a yummy dessert that you can buy on the canal during winter. Ottawa is home to the longest skating rink in the world that is 7.8 kilometers which is a section of the Rideau Canal and is very popular during the winter. Ottawa is a conservative city where the community is welcoming.  


Canada, famous for it’s maple syrup, hockey, poutine, Leonard Cohen, Drake and Justin Bieber. We are the second largest country in terms of land mass, though we have a small population of 35.9 million and are neighbours with the U.S.A. Even though we have a lot of space, 75% of the population lives close to the U.S. border. Canada has two official languages, English and French.


Canada is a great place to live for many reasons. For example, we are a very welcoming and accepting country, we have free health care, we experience four seasons, each one is vastly different from the next.








Contributions Challenge 1:




  We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group:
                                                        on .............. date 

                                                         at .............. pm/am



Contributions Challenge 2:



We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group: 
                                                      on .............. date 

                                                       at .............. pm/am









Feedback from First City Gymnasia :




Feedback from Lyceum de Grundel 2A1 Detlef Duwe :




Feedback from Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School:




Feedback from Ashram College:




Feedback from Lyceum de Grundel 2A1 Detlef Duwe:




Feedback from Hope School:




Feedback from Bal Prabhat Boarding:








Comments (2)

Anita Townsend said

at 9:25 pm on Mar 19, 2017

Thank you Glebe for your introduction information. Welcome back from your March holiday. Hope you had a good time! We look forward to seeing your next posts.

Boris Berlijn said

at 8:53 pm on Mar 6, 2017

We liked that Justin Bieber is born and raised in Canada, he also has a house in Canada that's also interesting. We don’t understand what you mean with all the woman rights you wrote about in the letter. We want to know more about how the school handles everything, we don't understand all the rules of the school and want to know more information about that. We don't have any questions any further. We like Canada a lot , so it was interesting to read about this.

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