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First City Gymnasia

Page history last edited by Lyuda Tkachenko 3 years, 7 months ago


How to use this school page:


  • This is the page to introduce yourselves to the other groups/classes in your Learning Circle and post all your challenge contributions. 

  • We ask you to share not only the results, but also a report of the learning process: how you discussed, planned, divided tasks, enjoyed working on the challenges etc. 


Giving and receiving feedback:


  • On this school page (below) you'll find text boxes for the feedback from the other groups in your Circle.
    We ask you to give each school feedback, in each of the 4 phases of this Circle.

  • If you want to give a brief remark to a group, please use the comment box at the bottom of the school page.





Hello! My name is Lyudmila Tkachenko. I am a teacher of English of the First City Gymnasia, Chekrasy. I also teach seniors the course Ecology on my own syllabus. I decided to join the project with a small group of two enthusiastic  students - Yaroslav Chekh And Pavlo Paliychuk. They both have great experience of working in ecological projects in the community. They are eager to share their experience and to find friends co-thinkers in other countries . You can find information about our gymnasia at the http://www.fcg.ck.ua

First City Gymnasia (title).mpg


Contributions Challenge 1:




  We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group:
                                                        on .............. date 

                                                         at .............. pm/am



Contributions Challenge 2:



We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group: 
                                                      on .............. date 

                                                       at .............. pm/am










Feedback from Lyceum de Grundel 2A1 Detlef Duwe:




Feedback from Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School:




Feedback from Ashram College:




Feedback from Lyceum de Grundel 2HA2 Marcel Kienhuis:




Feedback from Glebe Collegiate Institute:




Feedback from Hope School:




Feedback from Bal Prabhat Boarding:




Feedback from:




Feedback from:








Comments (3)

Boris Berlijn said

at 8:55 pm on Mar 6, 2017

Nice looking page, but the information is not so clear for us. We can’t find anything about the recycling in the country where you live. The online page is a little bit boring (sorry). Your classes are veerrryy big. Our classes have a maximum of 25 students. We have a lot of different cultures in our classes. We like to find out what your doing for the environment of the world. Can you send us a little bit more information of what your doing for that? In what language are you speaking in front of the class? And which languages do you learn at school?

Boris Berlijn said

at 8:51 pm on Mar 6, 2017

Charlotte Tervit said

at 2:21 pm on Feb 13, 2017

Dear Lyudmila, Yaroslav and Pavlo

Welcome to the learning circle. Looking forward to your contributions.


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