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February 06 – March 05 / 2017



Before we start to learn and work together,

it is nice to know who everyone is.
You will also find some background information to use as an introduction to the saving our planet learning circle.

In the Wiki, there is a school page for every group.

If you click on the name of your school on this page,
you can
 start with the first phase!







Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
Dr. Seuss, The Lorax



Unfortunately Mother Earth is not in a very healthy state at the moment, and we need to fix it, pronto! 
In this Learning Circle we are going to learn more about our planet, what is going wrong, and the steps we can take to save our planet. Sustainable, modern electricity, that is affordable and available to everyone on earth is key. By investigating Climate Change and affordable, clean energy during the following weeks while completing Challenge 1 & 2, you will gain greater understanding of what the problems are and what we can all do to make a difference. 


Perhaps you are already involved in some sort of planet saving activity like recycling your garbage, planting trees, using solar power, or riding your bicycle to school. If so, good for you  and keep going and tell us about your planet saving activity in your introductions, if not, hopefully this LC is just the start!





What are we going to do?


As we'll be working together the next couple of months, it is nice to meet each other first. Who are you and who are the other participants in the Circle?

Think of a way together to introduce your school and your class and your community.

This can be by making a song or a lipdub, or by writing a story about your country and environment, or by making a weird, awesome group picture!

In addition, think about what is interesting to the other participants to know about you.


How are we going to do this and what do we need?

Present your class and school in a creative way on your own page. You can do this with pictures, a short clip, a rap or song or whatever you as a group want! Find some inspiration from last year's Learning Circles here. But of course you can also surprise us in your own way!



Resources for the Learning Circle Saving our Planet








First City Gymnasia


The Netherlands 

Lyceum de Grundel 1



Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

The Netherlands 

Ashram College (class 2Mb)

 The Netherlands

Lyceum de Grundel 2


Glebe Collegiate Institute


 South Africa

Hope School


Bal Prabhat Boarding




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