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Completion and Evaluation

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Completion and Evaluation

 May 08 - June 02 / 2017 


Each class summarizes all knowledge and skills

they gained in the Learning Circle

via creating and posting a 2-3 minutes video “Saving Our Planet”.




We like to receive your feedback

on working together in this 'global classroom’.


What went really well and how can we grow stronger?

Your tips and tops are helpful to improve our Learning Circles

and make the next one even more successful.









What are we going to do?

The 'Summary' phase is meant to organize, summarize and reflect on the information received.


After a long "Saving Our Planet" project research all groups are invited to summarize their findings via creating "Saving our Planet" video.

Video Summary will help students to plan, organize, write, communicate, collaborate, and analyze everything what was done during Learning Circle period. Will be great to see how students express themselves as effectively through moving imagery as with the written word.


Main Tips for creating a video:


1. The duration of this video should be 2-3 minutes.

2. Please include your creative Good-Bye messages in this video.

3. Upload your video in You Tube and insert it in your school page.








We like to receive your feedback and learn how you experienced working together in this 'global classroom’.

Please post your evaluation on your school page.



Good luck and thank you!







Now we’re at the end of this journey.

But you will continue



and listening to

each others stories


how ME can become WE.



They are seen and heard,

far beyond this Learning Circle!








To your school page: Click on the name of your school! 



Group Country  School / teacher(s)





 The Netherlands


 The Netherlands


 The Netherlands


 The Netherlands 













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Would like to add the video my class created, but cannot find the school page. :(

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