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Challenge 1

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Lyceum de Grundel 2A1 Detlef Duwe


Challenge 1


  March 06 - April 02 /  2017


On Monday morning, March 6, we will start the first challenge.

Each group has 4 weeks to finish the challenge, until Sunday April 2,

to post inspiring contributions on your school page.


All pages of this wiki are visible for everyone

Please have a look at the pages of the other participants too!




'Affordable Clean Energy Sources'




We are living in the Age of High Energy Consumption. The fossil fuel based economy of the present must give way to the renewable energy based economy of the future, but getting there is one of the greatest challenges Humanity faces. Science can help meet this challenge by discovering; new materials that efficiently harvest energy from non fossil sources such as solar energy; new methods we use to store energy for later use and; new ways we can convert the stored energy when needed.


What are we going to do?

In this challenge, we are going to discuss what are some of the affordable clean energy sources available for use in your homes, schools and places of work in your countries.

You will share a report of your research and your contributions for this challenge on your schoolpage.

We will learn together how to reduce energy usage in our homes, schools and work places.


Read the following document for further information on SDG7 as part of your research for Challenge 1 activities:






Assignment 1 - Research and report. 
Affordable clean energy - How is it used?



Research to find out:


  • What kinds of affordable clean energy sources shown in the pictures below are used in your country?

  • How effective are these kinds of energy sources if used in your country? (show numbers and other data)

  • What plans are in place to promote and increase the use of affordable clean energy usage in your country? - National or local initiatives, Government policies, recognized research, funding support, marketing campaigns, public awareness etc. 





Assignment 2 
Create your Energy Saving Guide.



Research by interviewing people at school or in your community, your parents, reading the paper, exploring government or business websites,


  • Create an Energy Saving Guide which shows how easy it is to cut your energy use in one or more of the following places: your home, on the road, at your school or in a local business.


The easy, practical solutions for saving energy may include tips you can use today -- from the roof and landscaping to appliances and lights. They are good for your wallet and for the environment -- and actions that you take help reduce our national needs to produce or import more energy, thereby improving our energy security.




Assignment 3 

Make Your Own Saving Energy Experiment


We would like you to make your own 'Saving energy experiment'.


How do you proceed?


  • Review the experiments listed on the links below. Decide which one you have the space and materials to do and interests you:


  • Think and discuss with your peers, what you learned from your experiment about the sustainable/affordable energy source.


Questions to think about:

  • What are the advantages of using this energy source?

  • How does it compare to the present energy source used in cost,availability, efficiency, sustainability etc. ?

  • In what ways would this type of renewable/sustainable/ affordable  energy source be effective/ineffective and efficient/inefficient for use in your home, school or business?

  • Make a chart listing the advantages and disadvantages to using this form of energy in one or two of those places.






To your school page: Click on the name of your school! 





School / teacher(s)


1. First City Gymnasia


The Netherlands

2. Lyceum de Grundel 2A1 Detlef Duwe


3. Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

 The Netherlands

4. Ashram College

 The Netherlands

5. Lyceum de Grundel 2HA2 Marcel Kienhuis


6. Glebe Collegiate Institute

South Africa

7. Hope School


8. Bal Prabhat Boarding








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